The state of f the Nigerian nation at fifty is one that calls for a sober reflection


The Nigerian nation clocks sixty today, sixty years of independence and sovereign rule, sixty years of hardship labour, pain, misrule and mismanagement of the most populous black nation in the world, it's really disheartening to realise that the labour of the hero's and founding fathers of the nation hasn't been allowed to manifest. The founding fathers have a particular mindset for the nation and a blueprint to take the nation to greater height.

But the escapades of the Nigerian military services who are hungry for power catapulted the nation in the early days of independent into an unforseeable future of instability, backwardness and a fragile existence. The Nigerian nation prior independence was a coveted black nation which power nations of the world seek to court as a beautiful bride in the international community, the way the United States of America recieved the then Prime Minister of Nigeria. Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa on a state visit to the country shows how important nigeria was to the international community as at then.


Fast forward to its sixty years independent anniversary and it's a different ball game compared to its inception, the begging question is; how does a country that started so well could've degenerated to this level is a disheartening response to give, the rulers that have come on board to guide the ship of the country since inception have all in one way or the other contributed to the deteriorating states the country has found itself. It's really devastating to realise that no leader in the Nigerian political space has come on board fully prepared with a positive mindset to make a difference, rather, all have come to power with only one motive in mind, which is stealing the treasury blind.

The continuos spread of greed, embezzlement, immorality, moral, professional and growth decay has continually pulled the country into stagnation and cannot in anyway contributed to the growth and development of the Nation, rather, it further set the nation into unsolicited and unimaginable backwardness. Should there be anyway of survival for the nation, leaders and citizens alike should be ready to play a developing role in our day to day escapades and continually seek for the good and betterment of the country. Else, a once giant nation might go into total extinction due to improper management and damaging output towards the state.

Happy independence to all Nigerian home and in diaspora.

God Bless Nigeria.