On Nov. 17, CNN broadcast a video showing traders buying and selling migrants from West Africa for a few hundred dollars in a Libyan marketplace. The outcry was swift and global: Thousands of protesters marched against modern day slavery in Paris and Bamako, Mali, while the UN secretary-general said he was “horrified” and “abhor(s) these appalling acts.”

The slave trade in Libya rigorously highlighted the ill and imbalance in he AFRICAN mind and societal set up in the continent, in a modern century we are, its a very disgusting realization to witnessed the trade of human lifes as commodity in the name of fumigating flooded migrant taking Libya enroute to europe. “To see the pictures of men being treated like cattle, and to hear the auctioneer describe them as big strong boys for farm work, is a shock to the conscience of a sane society, it could be ascertain that there are fewer greater violations of human rights and human dignity than this one right now”.

But since this inhuman activities hit front line in the world news, blacks outside the African continent have actually vibrant in seeking a solution to the recent primitive development. Thousands of people gathered in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, on Saturday night to protest against the alleged sale of African migrants and refugees in Libya. About 4,000 people in the Swedish capital has taken part in the protest organised by a black beauty makeup online artiste.

But its unfortunate that such feat has never been emulated by any African countries whose citizens, families and friends are directly involved in this gory activities, it’s an appealing scenario to finally realizes that even the black nations are the number one deficits to its existence and wouldn’t even lift a finger to address its ailing issues unless the outside world reacts.

The black continents is it own greatest enemy since it existence, literally so, the black race have faced most trivial of life’s situations in the hands of their fellow African in recent years more than any other race in human history, in countries like; Sierra Leon, Rwanda, South Africa have rose to each other’s destruction with the mindset to eradicate each other’s existence to an abysmal level, need not to recall the Tutsi/Sutsi affair, the long sleeve or short sleeve arms sizes, Xenophobic attacks, and all.

Needless to say is the unethical efforts of the said African peace makers to rescue the situations, it’s seems like the AU is in favor of this one as there is never any foresee plan to put an end to this, rather the UN i since the story broke has never taken any meaningful action visible to the eye.  A statement by the  Ghanian President Akufo-Addo describe it all, “The current slave auctions of Africans in Libya are not only gross and scandalous abuses of human rights, but are also mockeries of the alleged solidarity of African nations grouped in the African Union (AU), of which Libya is a member”.

Whereas useful steps should have been taken to put an end to such act of human right violations, although the only real effort to put an end to such gross act on a personal opinion has never been adopted, making claims and giving statesmenst will only create an awareness whereas, what’s really needed is work to institute a viable government in Libya, not a failed state. The government in Libya is helpless”.