6IX signs that you’re a side chick to your man.

These days, guys having a side chicks even married men have become a normal norm or better still an achievement. Dudes of this generation are not just ready to get stuck with just one chick and are still not ready to keep it 100% and tell the truth.

Just in case you think you’re the only cockroach in his cupboard, here are six signs, you’re not the only cockroach and you’re still not the main cockroach!

I. He feels totally disconnected when you get emotional with him: this is a pointer to a lady knowing she is a side chick, when he never feels at home with you, believe me you mean gut see yourself wining the side chick award on our countdown.

II. He refuses to show affection in public (Public affection display *PAD*) This is also a huge pointer to knowing you are a side chick to your man, this days guys are no longer ashamed to show their affections to their love ones publicly thus he can give a kiss even in the middle of waving down a taxi, but in the situation whereby you found you man evading actions and ideas like this, maybe you are about to give him a kiss and his response was like “babe, we are in public, hold it till we get home”. Babe, you are so much closer to been categorized as a major contender on our side chick list.

III.He avoids photographs and social media: this is a major side chick indicator. These days social media have break and make a lot of relationships thus leading younger ones into making bad display of their affection and connection through social media, but if you found your spouse avoiding social functions and also avoiding you access your social media space with his and your picture, my dear, you are so much a side chick, social media this days is so interesting that it’s a means by which anyone’s identity can be vilify or validat, so if your guy refuses to let you access him through this medium, he’s got something to hide.

Iv. If you notice your dude is always dabbing to cover his face during selfie time, dodging pictures at public places, refusing to share that very dope picture you struggled to take on Instagram, Snapchat ,hahahahahaha* , you’re so taking the side chick of the year award home! Really guys.

V. You’re not invited to family thanksgiving,owanbes, siblings birthday parties…et.c: a guy who is serious with you would definitely want to show you off to his family members, most especially when you’re so on fleek,

He would’ve invited you to their family gatherings at a very given opportunity; but baby girl if you don’t get those invites at least once in a year…just be contented with your side chick position because he is already showing off the main chick at home and she probably has the “Iyawo Wa”title..lol.

Vi. If you are dating a married man, this is the most gleaming way of knowing you are a side chick, you see girls that decided to date a married man do so because of some beneficial reasons which money is always the chief. In the process whereby you found yourself been deceived of lie to that one day you will become the real life would be a dream from oz. by this, if you find yourself in this kind of situation, honey, you are the winner of our side chick title.