12 annoying things Ladies do that chase men away fast

12 annoying things Ladies do that chase men away fast

 12 annoying things Ladies do that chase men away fast

Sometimes after a few fantastic dates you had with a guy you really like, he suddenly stops calling and then it goes on and on with other dates too.

It could be that your behaviour was really embarrassing for those guys and unless you realise what those behaviours are, those men will keep running away from you.

Elizabeth Stone  lists those 12 embarrassing things you do that scare men away fast:

1.Commitment Of Any Sort Too Soon: Even if you can see a relationship with him evolving into something life-changing, you look like a creeper when you share this with him on the first few dates. Keep dating other people if you have to. Always avoid acting like anyone’s insta-girlfriend. It comes off like you’re a handful to have a future with.

2.Clinging To Him Like Static: While it might seem like spending every waking moment together is fun at first, it WILL get old. It’s more likely that he’ll feel this before you do. All good relationships have a little space in them. Give him time to miss you and occasionally wait for him to initiate contact. Keep your friends, hobbies and interests alive.

3.Over-Communicating: “Hihihihihi” , “What are you doing?”, “How about now?”, “And now? I just thought I would share what I’m having for lunch.”, “I sneezed and thought of you!”, Ugh … just no. Sometimes we blow past all reasonable boundaries when we’re excited about a relationship. While it may initially seem cute to him that you’re contacting him a lot, before too long he’ll start seeing you as insecure and clingy. Remember, let him initiate communication sometimes.

4.annoying:It’s pretty much never a good time to start chiding him about things he’s “doing wrong”. You might change his behavior in the short term, but the cost you’ll pay in his resentment is large.

5.Emotional Outburst: I don’t know a person alive who hasn’t at some point completely flipped their top. It happens to everyone. However, freaking out (and acting it out) is never good for your relationship. If you’re prone to this, work on displaying your feelings calmly. It never hurts.

6.Making Him Pay For Every Single Thing: I’m definitely a fan of courtship, but remember that it’s sure nice to treat him also. Expecting him to cover everything all the time is more than a little one-sided and mean. It can also make him feel like you’re just there for free dinner. There are other ways to reciprocate his generosity if you can’t afford to pay the check. For example, with a home-cooked meal, a date that you arrange or little thoughtful surprises for him. It should feel like you’re both giving to the relationship, not like he’s paying for your company.

7.Acting Entitled: Don’t act like you automatically own his weekends, access to his wallet or anything else. Be nice to everyone, and don’t treat anyone like they owe you something.

8.Rude To Others: Ever heard that phrase “Anyone who is nice to you, but not nice to their server is not a nice person”? Yeah, so has he. I realize that telling you NOT to act like a jerk if you’re really a jerk isn’t going to create meaningful change in the world. But for those of you who have an edge, know that it can kill your budding romance dead.

9.Making Him Accommodate Your High Maintenance Behavior: High maintenance behavior has a lot of different manifestations. Maybe it’s not leaving the house without looking like a fashionista or wanting that perfect, specific food item. High maintenance is a lot of things. They’re not all bad, but you simply shouldn’t require him to suffer as a result. For my sisters who look amazing all the time, go on with your bad self. This is not about dulling your shine or putting you down. It’s about … waiting time. No one wants to feel like they’re with someone who disrespects their time or that you can’t go for a spontaneous walk because you wore “The Shoes.” So get the beauty routine figured out before he shows up to pick you up for dates, and dress for what you expect to do together.

10.Emasculating Him: This one already has its own whole article written by yours truly, so go read it and I won’t belabor the point.

11.Making Assumptions: There are a ton of things to make assumptions about when you meet someone new, and the vast majority are a bad idea. Assuming that he’s on the same page as you, automatically thinking he’s “up to something” or wondering if he’s already pulling away are all problematic. When in doubt, wait and see or have a gentle conversation about it.

12.Predicting That “It’s Over” And Then Making That A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Maybe he doesn’t call at the exact time he says he will. Maybe things seem “off.” The problem is that filling these grey areas with doubt and mistrust will create a problem where there